Digital Marketing Strategy Training Courses

Digital Transformation workshops to create Digital Strategies and get better results from digital channels

With the importance of digital marketing today, many businesses need to develop their digital strategies and improve their use of digital marketing tools. If this is your position, we'd like to help you transform your business by supporting you with our knowledge and experience - we have been helping businesses create digital strategies since 1997 when Dr Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights delivered the first Internet Marketing Strategy course in the UK for the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

At Smart Insights we focus on actionable advice, so our training workshops help individuals learn the core strategic concepts of digital marketing and best practice for digital communications. We have two options for training.

Option 1. Online learning digital strategy training course

For a cost-effective online training course individuals and teams take our comprehensive RACE digital strategy online learning course. Like all our resources for our Expert members, it's based around the tried-and-tested RACE Planning approach and includes a workbook so that you can create a plan as you work through the course.

Our online digital strategy training course is comprehensive, covering all aspects of digital strategy from goal setting, evaluation, analytics and strategy development to exploring how to build your brand online through content, search, social media and email marketing. It's intended to be quick to work through, so some members complete it in just two weeks.

Option 2. Customised in-company digital marketing training courses with a difference

You will be in good hands in a Smart Insights workshop. Our workshop leaders are not full-time trainers, they're consultants with hands-on digital expertise plus training experience. This combination means Smart Insights Digital Training workshops will be focused on the specific needs of your company and deliver blending learning with practical advice and ideas.

All of our skills development projects are customised and unique to your organisation. We have found that a two-day workshop blending digital strategy on Day 1 with a practical review of current marketing to develop ‘quick wins’ techniques on Day 2 works best for both companies and learners.  

These are the most popular modules from a typical 2 day workshop training programmes.

Strategic modules to help build or refine digital strategy (typically Day 1 of training)

  • Online Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Transformation and governance
  • Content marketing and social media strategy
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Vertical sector strategy: Ecommerce, Retail, Financial Services, Travel, B2B, Government

Practical, hands-on tutorials to improve results (typically Day 2 of training or a full day workshop focusing on improving results from one technique)

  • Integrated campaign planning
  • Search marketing (organic and paid)
  • Managing social networks
  • Content marketing and blogging
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Customising Google Analytics for your business
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing, CRM and marketing automation

The learning process - an integrated approach to digital marketing training

It's important to us that when the course ends you have not only learnt new skills, but you can directly apply it to your business the very next day. Our process for in-company training follows these steps to make sure the training is tailored and makes an immediate difference to your company.

We use an established approach to deliver effective training which has been developed by Dr Dave Chaffey our trainers including Annmarie Hanlon, Marie Page, Carlton Jefferis and Vincent Coyle. Our training workshops are action and deliverable oriented. We start by looking at what you want to achieve when our digital experts have left the building. What do you want to achieve with your digital marketing strategy? And why now?

The key elements of our "infotaining" approach are:

  • Structured Planning. Unlike many our courses are structured around a framework and we explain how this works in a practical sense. Typically we will use RACE and PR Smith's SOSTAC® . We use a defined plan so that your organisation can better manage the plan and share the workload more easily.
  • Integrated inbound marketing. Many companies have created digital "silos" - our workshops show how to develop integrated plans and campaigns
  • Global best practice. We incorporate concepts from a range of e-marketing commentators and best practice is illustrated from examples from in-sector and out-of-sector companies
  • Do make me think! New thinking is prompted by relating in and out of sector case studies and examples of best practice to current organisational practices to identify new ways of working.
  • Practical. The training content gives practical insights about developing and executing plans and campaigns which can be applied as soon as the participants are back in the office to increase campaign response.
  • Applied. Example campaign plans, creative and metrics from your campaigns will be used within the presentation and activities to illustrate best practice and areas for improvement.
  • Knowledge sharing. It is recognised that much good practice already exists within your organisation. The workshops are interactive and will facilitate sharing examples related by experienced staff.
  • Action-oriented-active learning. Each participant will be encouraged to develop a personal action plan.

Recent customised workshops include:

  • Digital strategy and action plans: Bringing together teams working in different locations; from many countries in Europe and working out what will work in each geographical area.
  • Digital transformation plan: Facilitating the roadmap and working with many departments (and many owners) as digital had been siloed with marketing. Building routes for digital transformation and ensuring teams including corporate communications, events, above the line advertising, paid media and marketing, were all in the same place in terms of digital knowledge, social media understanding and practical corporate actions.
  • Digital strategy in the boardroom: A "bootcamp" working with a senior team to bring them up to speed on what’s possible and what to be avoided. A typical one or two-day workshop reviews many opportunities of digital marketing based on examples from your site and communications compared to competitors. Our training programmes are also inspiring with out-of-sector examples and real-world knowledge. If you have a specific need we can deliver a more focused workshop on a particular challenge.

Typically we deliver 2 day workshops where Day 1 focuses on creating a strategy and action plan with Day 2 focusing on specific needs of the digital or marketing communications team. Recent Day 2 workshops have included:

  • Running integrated digital campaigns
  • Social media and content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Improving Search Engine Optimisation and Adwords
  • Customising and using Google Analytics to improve marketing results
  • Improving online sales for Ecommerce
  • Mobile marketing and Mcommerce

Talk through your training needs with us

Please get in touch with an outline of what you're looking for and we will get back to you to arrange a call to discuss the best training options.

Vertical sector experience

Typically we work with major nationals, multi-national brands and organisations where there are multiple teams across many locations.

Many of our clients have specific needs in their sectors and may limited by legal or other confidential factors, which we understand (such as those in financial services, pharmaceuticals, consultancy). Our teams are happy to sign NDAs so that you can provide an accurate briefing and ensure the workshops deliver what’s needed. Sectors that we have covered in our training include:

  • Consumer brand marketing
  • Financial services
  • Business-to-business services
  • Retail / Ecommerce
  • Travel
  • Not-for-profit membership organisations and Charity

Companies we have worked with

Dr Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights and our team of consultants have helped many companies from small to large to help them improve the commercial contribution from their digital channels. These are some of the leading brands we have worked with:

I just wanted to thank you for your efforts in delivering training workshops for the Marketing Academy this year. Your workshops have had the highest demand in the Academy.

Your approach has been incredibly professional and perfect for our needs. Our staff have benefited from your knowledge and experience. This has given them confidence to try new techniques which they will be applying in the year ahead.

Head of E-marketing, HSBC


Just a quick note of thanks and a small token of appreciation for the outstanding work you have done on our behalf. Your class has caused a general excitement around the subject. I am optimistic it will yield outstanding results.Head of Global Operations, Tektronix Marketing

If you like to know more about how we can tailor a course for your business, do get in touch and we're happy to schedule a call to customise a course outline for your team.

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