Digital strategy in a time of crisis

Achieve digital transformation using the RACE system

Build your personal brand
Build your personal brand

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, companies with a fully optimized digital strategy have quickly adapted to the "new normal". Dr. Dave Chaffey designed the RACE Planning Framework to help businesses easily move into digital marketing. Review how to Implement the RACE Framework to achieve your digital transformation strategy with our Business Membership - trusted by 1,000s of marketers worldwide!

Market conditions

The current global crisis has led to increased online competition and highlighted the urgent need for rapid digital transformation.

Business priorities

Adapt to market pressures by diversifying your revenue streams and investing in digital channels that are proven to deliver ROI.

Digital solutions

Kickstart your organization's digital transformation with practical online learning that enables you to learn through doing and get results, fast.

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Digital transformation using the RACE Planning system

Dave will explain, using examples, the process for creating a digital marketing plan to support transformation using our new RACE template, which is available for all webinar attendees. He will show you how to:

▪️ Use our diagnostic tools to identify priorities for transformation

▪️ Create a performance dashboard with relevant KPIs

▪️ Make the case for an increase in digital investment

▪️ Use the Smart Insights platform to implement your strategy

Digital Transformation and Strategy Guides

Here's a glimpse of what you get with Business Membership

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Digital transformation playbook

Plan and prioritize transformation activities across different marketing communications in the customer lifecycle

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RACE digital marketing dashboard

Summarize the effectiveness of digital marketing across your marketing funnel to report accurately on month-on-month and year-on-year performance

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Managing digital transformation guide

Review current approaches, make the case for investment and then manage the transformation process with our comprehensive 7-step guide

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Digital marketing strategy guide

Practical, step-by-step guidance to create an effective digital marketing strategy

Get instant results with Quick Wins

Quick Wins help you learn new digital skills and deliver fast results!

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    Create a multichannel marketing plan image

    Create a multichannel marketing plan

    These tried-and-tested frameworks will help you structure your plan so it is quicker for you to complete and easier to be understood by your colleagues

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    Create a campaign plan image

    Create a campaign plan

    Create a comprehensive campaign plan to brief an agency, consultant, or internal teams

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    How to create a lead nurturing strategy image

    How to create a lead nurturing strategy

    Lead nurturing is a crucial part of any well-structured email strategy

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    3 killer conversion boosters for e-commerce websites image

    3 killer conversion boosters for e-commerce websites

    Your category and product pages are critical decision points for your customers. If you don’t persuade them to act, you’re missing dozens of chances to grow your revenue ever day.

Business Membership - for marketers serious about driving digital growth

Unlock a complete system of audits, templates, guides, and e-learning designed to help businesses review and optimize their digital marketing

Here's a glimpse of everything Business Membership has to offer:

▶︎ Integrate your strategy with the RACE Planning Framework
▶︎ Access our CPDSO-accredited Learning Paths
▶︎ Tailor your training with Personalized Learning Plans
▶︎ Apply new skills when you're short on time with 50+ Quick Wins
▶︎ 3 Strategy and Planning toolkits to manage digital and campaign strategy
▶︎ 200+ Guides and Templates
▶︎ Optimize channels effectively with comprehensive e-learning
▶︎ Explore 7 channel-specific Toolkits, spanning SEO, Email and more

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