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Stretch targets for website? loading

Need your advice here. I am giving a goal from the management to drive 5 times the visit of our current website as a goal next year. To me, this sounds impossible without paying. I have increased our search engine budget to increase get to 5 times from search, but it is only 30% of the total traffic this year. The rest came from untagged campaigns (under bookmarked/typed in Adobe Analytics).

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  1. Dave Chaffey, Consultant said at 08:39 on July 24, 2015

    That is is certainly a ‘stretch’ target and likely not based on a rational goal – a challenge in a high-growth market.

    The technique I would approach it is leading with SEO as you’re suggesting. You need to check what is practical of course in volume, to set expectations and the best method to do this is through a Gap Analysis based on Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) to group different consumer search behaviour.

    If you get this right > 50% could be possible via organic – compare to similar companies in countries at or for how much volume they’re driving by SEO.

    The risk is that SEO is a long-term change (changes can take +6months) and needs an internal expert or agency who understands your market to advise on changes to site architecture, on-page copy and your backlink profile. Many US/UK retailers have internal SEO teams.

    Beyond SEO, the biggest growth potential is offline campaigns/viral that drive visits but that’s outside your control.

    To review all techniques at a top-level in a team I recommend the Bullseye framework:

  2. shoot order, said at 10:14 on August 19, 2015

    It is really difficult to take 5 times as now with out paying only by backlinks is highly impossible.

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