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Richard Starkey, Other asked this on September 11, 2015

What factors are taken in to account when calculating Link Influencer Scores and what is a good / bad score. loading

Could someone explain the Link Influencer Score?

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  1. Dave Chaffey, Consultant said at 07:32 on September 11, 2015

    Hi Richard,

    Happy to try to help, but first I need to clarify – are you look at assessing the value of backlinks from influencer sites for SEO, or are you look at a specific measure for influencers, for example in a Klout score.

    With SEO, it’s common to make a simple assessment of the authority of domain based on the Domain Authority in Moz. The way I see it is:

    < 20 - New site, low authority - not worth proactively link-building 40-70 - Moderate > 70 – Good authority – worth targeting for PR and ‘link-building’ and likely to have a higher readership so can generate awareness and traffic.

    You can get the free Moz Toolbar here:


    Let me know whether that helps and sorry for the delay in replying.

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