ecommerce device preferences

The findings shared in our report have only reinforced the importance of customer experience in the eCommerce space. Personalization is the first step to impeccable customer experience: Amazon credits user personalization and customer experience for bringing in 31% of revenue for its ecommerce arm. According to our survey, 36% visitors agree that it’s likely they would buy a product recommended based on their browsing history or previous purchases. The consumer world has moved to a mobile-first paradigm: About 47% of consumers in our study agreed that their device-of-choice for buying products has been mobile devices. Therefore, optimizing your mobile presence is as important as your web presence. Providing a hassle-free checkout process: When it comes to eCommerce, the highest customer drop-off point is the checkout page. Hence, ecommerce enterprises should build a hassle-free and smooth checkout process to boost their conversions.