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A 29-point-plan for digital campaign success [Infographic]

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Digital campaign planning is the art of developing the perfect strategy to reach and engage your audience using targeted, measured and interactive marketing of your products or services via paid vs owned vs owned digital media, content and technologies. In this day and age, almost every business has a digital presence but often the opportunities of digital campaigns are missed.

If you're new to integrating digital media into campaigns, this infographic gives some useful pointers of the options available to help you run effective digital campaigns while also considering how to optimise the ongoing footfall to your site through the year as part of 'always-on' marketing.


Thanks to Bulldog Digital Media for sharing this infographic.

Smart Insights Expert member resources in our Campaign Planning Toolkit

Our Expert member resources expand on the infographic by giving a detailed breakdown of recommended actions, plus spreadsheet templates to plan your campaigns and many examples to inspire you.

We have several other blank Word and Excel templates to help structure your campaign plans.

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