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Digital Marketing for Valentines Day [Infographic]

Retailers: How to earn your customers love this Valentines

Valentine’s Day is just days away but this won’t stop businesses, both online and brick and mortar, from capitalizing on last minute sales. According to a new infographic by The Shelf, nearly two thirds of Americans wait until the last week to make their 'love-showering' purchases! 

Whether you’re operating an online or brick and mortar store, digital marketing will bring home the Valentine’s Day bacon (or, in this case, heart-shaped chocolates). 

72% of young shoppers research online before purchasing in a store. This means they’ll be looking for recommendations from friends online and consulting their favorite social media influencers for inspiration before heading out to make a purchase. In fact, 36 cents of every dollar spent in a brick and mortar store is influenced by digital. 

And online shopping is a big deal! 31% more is spent by online shoppers than in-store shoppers so don’t be shy to break out the last minute promotions leading up to the holiday.

Pinterest is a huge inspiration for the gift-giving extravaganza, with two million products pinned to the site daily.

Instagram is also a go-to for visual products, with purchase intent rising by at least 6.4x for gifts like clothing and 2.4x for jewelry. Last year, 53.2% of people planned to buy candy for the sweet holiday, spending a total of $1.7 billion, while 21.1% planned to buy jewelry, equating to $4.8 billion in sales. 

34% of U.S. adults have “broken up” with a brand due to disruptive marketing, so no matter what you do, remember that authenticity will win the hearts of your customers. 

Read on for more digital marketing tips and insights.

valentines day

By Robert Allen

I am the Editor of Smart Insights. I manage the Smart Insights blog and write on a range of subjects- Marketing Technology trends and latest tech developments are a regular focus, as well as exploring key marketing concepts. You can get in touch with me on Twitter and connect with me on LinkedIn.

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