The State of Digital Marketing Skills 2015 [Infographic]

Presenting the results of our latest research into bridging the skills gap

Regular Smart Insights readers will have noticed our Digital Skills theme, and some of you may have filled out our survey into Digital Skills. We got over 1,000 responses and the report Managing Digital Marketing Skills has now been published and is available for download - thanks very much if you contributed!

The research has revealed some interesting trends in the area of digital marketing skills. Recruiting for the right digital skills is an ongoing challenge for many, so businesses would do well to invest in developing the skills of their staff. We found good support for free methods of skills development, but businesses were far less likely to support methods that involved them having to shell out. This may save money in the short term but might leave departments lacking in skills that will cost the business in the long term.

Developing Digital Skills 2015 infographic

Thanks to JBH, The Content Marketing Agency for creating the infographic.

All members can download the free report which is packed with recommendations on skills development.

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