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Google Adwords Guide

How to get better ROI from Google Adwords

  • Authors: Dave Chaffey,  Matt Whelan and Joel Chudleigh
  • Last updated: Summer 2013
  • Format: In-depth 20,000 word, 80 page A4 page PDF Ebook with examples, screenshots and checklists of key issues to review

About our Google Adwords 7 Steps Guide

Marketers from many companies we have met have tried using Adwords to gain more leads and customers. But sometimes they have struggled to make it work. Our guide provides a do-it-yourself guide to review your own approach, or if you use an agency for managing Adwords, ask them the tough questions to improve their efficiency. We don’t just show you how to setup your account as Google does in their documentation, instead we show you all the key areas of your AdWords campaign setup to review to get profitable results.

Our practical, in-depth guide will show you:

  • How Google has designed the Adwords system to maximise their revenue and how you can take advantage of this by improving your understanding of Quality Score
  • How to increase ROI by improving your account setup, match types, bidding and creative
  • Use the latest Google Ad Extensions to get an edge
  • Exploit the power of the Google Display Network
  • Test and review your copy to get better results
  • How to troubleshoot and Optimize your account using AdWords campaign reporting Google Analytics
  • Use the new mobile advertising features in AdWords

What does the Ebook include?

The 7 steps we cover in the guide to get more from AdWords are:

  • Step 1 Identify and select your target keyphrases
  • Step 2 Set goals for your paid search
  • Step 3 Improve your campaign structure
  • Step 4 Improve your targeting
  • Step 5 Improving your offer and creative
  • Step 6 Get your bidding and budgeting right
  • Step 7 Optimising paid search to increase ROI

The guide includes all the latest 2013 updates to AdWords for mobile and local marketing including Enhanced campaigns, Product Listing Ads (PLAs), Auction Insights, Automated rules and Dynamic remarketing.

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