Email Subject Line Guide

How to craft effective subject lines to boost email open rates

  • Author: Kath Pay of our partner Cloud.IQ: The Cart Recovery Experts
  • Last updated: October 2015
  • Format: 5,000 word, 23 page A4 page PDF Ebook with illustrations and checklists

Email marketing consistently ranks alongside SEO in the top two for delivering ROI when marketers are surveyed. Email marketing is a highly effective marketing channel when done right, but many email marketing campaigns suffer from low open rates and even lower click rates.

Yet each year, competition for attention in the inbox for your marketing emails increases.  This means all the effort put into the copy, design and imagery for your email will be limited by the number of people who open it.

Every email marketer knows the importance of Email subject lines since they appear in email clients without the email needing to be opened. Since they are so important we are pleased to share an in-depth guide by super-experienced Email marketer Kath Pay showing you how to craft and optimise email marketing subject lines.

Who is the guide for?

It's no surprise this guide is for Email marketers! It has been written to be useful both for those just starting out with email marketing and for more experienced email marketers. A familiarity with email marketing is assumed, so if you have limited email marketing experience and need a grounding in the subject more broadly then we recommend downloading our Email Marketing Guide for Expert members.

What does the guide cover?

The guide covers the '3 steps to conversion' that are critical to success with email marketing. To help you optimise your subject lines the guide covers 'everything you need to know about subject lines including':

  • What a great subject line involves
  • What should be avoided when creating subject lines
  • How to write subject lines which compel action
  • How to get attention with your subject line
  • How to achieve 'longitudinal wins' with your subject line
  • What should be considered when crafting subject lines for mobile
  • How to utilise gap theory, social proof, scarcity, loss aversion and emotion to create persuasive subject lines
  • How to optimise subject lines via testing and analytics

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