Top 10 Email Marketing Questions [Infographic]

Outlining solutions to your email marketing challenges

Email marketers have taken long strides in the never-ending race to keep up to the changes in email marketing described in Tim Watson's post describing the latest Email trends for 2016. When email design for multiple email clients was a struggle, email renderability on multiple mobile devices was a challenge too. To come to terms with these tussles, techniques like; fluid email designs, accordions & menus in emails, etc. have been taken into consideration.

But, in order to win this race, email marketers will certainly face a lot of barriers. Plenty questions will rise in marketers’ thoughts while making their email campaigns a success. And, because many email marketers don’t get the answers to such queries, they fall prey and their email campaigns ultimately becomes a mess.

So, what sorts of queries create bizarre situations for marketers? Well, let’s find out some of those basic questions that can give headaches to email marketers.

  • Q. How can I improve my email open rates?
  • Q. How can I build trust among the customers?
  • Q. Is resending the same email a good idea?
  • Q. How can wearables affect my email marketing campaigns?
  • Q. What best practices should I follow to implement attractive email designs?

Monks in partnership with Vision6 have come up with “Solutions to top 10 email marketing questions” infographic to shed some light on those niggling questions you have always wanted to ask.

Check out the infographic to get ideas on how to review and improve your email campaigns. Click on the infographic for a larger version.

solutions-to-top-10-email-marketing-questions-infographicThanks to Email Monks for sharing this infographic.

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