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14 times when you should do an A/B test [Infographic]

You don't know if it was a good idea until you've tested it!

A/B testing is used to arrive at the best option to meet the goal for a page or series of pages. Usually it's to maximise conversion rate. Businesses want to take the best decision, or the most appropriate decision, for a given situation. Oftentimes, we do things in business just because they are done in a certain way, or because those in the position of authority feel it’s the best way to proceed or just because the competitors are seen to be taking the same route. These are the old ways of doing business and don’t necessarily lead to the best results.

A/B testing is comparing two versions of a web page to scientifically measure which one works better for your visitors. It is the scientific way of arriving at the best decision instead of following intuitions, hunches and old patterns. A/B testing is paving the way for a data-driven culture in organizations. This infographic illustrates 14 everyday business situations when one should not fall into the old patterns of doing things, and instead A/B test. For example, a beautiful website design doesn’t necessarily means high conversion. A plain design could convert better, just as it happened for Uncommon Knowledge. They changed the design of their lead capture page to a very sophisticated design, but it led to fall in conversions. Read the case study here.

14 Times In Business You Should A-B Test

We should remember that AB testing is not a panacea - not every test is going to be a winning test - only one in every 7 tests is a winning test. Given this, structured testing programmes are needed to create an overall improvement programme. However, the insights you will gather from a failed test will serve as raw material for your second test and your CRO process will just get more refined by every test.

Thanks to VWO for sharing this infographic

By Robert Allen

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