Which is the best system for blogging?

This infographic shows why WordPress wins "hands down"

I'm often asked this question by marketers taking their first steps into blogging as an individual or for their companies. These days I always answer without hesitation "WordPress"!

My justification is based around the experience you can create (WordPress has great themes or is readily tailored); ease-of-use (as easy as Word or Pages); extensibility (plug-ins?); scalability (can it grow with us?); support (many agencies and freelance developers support it) and cost (it's open source, you only have hosting costs).

This infographic provides a more qualitative assessment to support these arguments. The market share figures really show how WordPress dominates. The average day sees an average 500,000 new posts on WordPress.com, not to mention the many sites, like Smart Insights that run a bespoke hosted version for their blog or full content management system.

If you're a WordPress user already, check that you're using the Yoast WordPress plugin for SEO. We are and it's awesome!

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  • WordPress is what we all need. If you want to make your life easier don’t just wander around just learn wordpress if you new. All the readers of this post listen again only wordpress, not because it popular but it is so easy and search engine friendly. For me blogging at other platforms is like hanging my self without notice..

    • Agree Harry! Not sure the fans of Blogger or Drupal would, but we certainly wouldn’t recommend anything else.

  • Joost de Valk’s WordPress SEO plugin is also by far the most comprehensive SEO plugin. The platform is great for SEO – Google just trusts it and you can achieve relatively strong organic positions through basic on-page optimisation @nathan_nicholls

    • Yes Nathan, agree – it’s worth reading all the background on WordPress SEO in the link under the infographic. I think some people think WordPress is automatically good for SEO – while better than most CMS extra effort/knowledge is required and Joost’s infographic is much better than the AllinOneSEO pack which is maybe better known.

  • Bhintlmarketing commented on June 27, 2012

    Thanks Dave! Perfect timing as I am just doing CAM’s Digital Implementation Diploma and am currently researching which system to use for my blog. I’ve just set up in WordPress, prior to reading your blog here so, thanks, it’s spurred me on to continue with it!

    • Cool – good timing and good choice – good luck with it. Good to see those studying get some practical hands-on.